3 Biggest Reasons That The San Antonio Spurs Will Win Game 6?

By George Middleton

The San Antonio Spurs picked up a big win in a pivotal game five at Staples Center on Tuesday night. With the Spurs going back home for game six they’re not in the driver seat but they are in good shape to close out the series.

In most cases game six is a must win for the lower seed, but in the Spurs case they are more than capable of winning game seven on the road, as they are 2-1 at Staples in the series. Not that they would want to get to that point.

Below are the three biggest reasons on why the Spurs will win game six?

-Three-Point Shot Back?

After shooting at least 35% from three only once in the first four games, the Spurs found their stroke on Tuesday. The Spurs connected on 11-23 from three (48%). Patty Mills has yet to cool off as he went 4-4 from three. In the series Mills is shooting 59% from three. Expect the Spurs to shoot north of 40% in game six.

Tony Parker Improving

It’s clear that Tony Parker isn’t healthy, but his play has been inexcusable. In the first three games of the series Parker averaged 5.7 points on 25% from the field. In the last two games Parker is averaging 15.5 points on 40% from the field. Parker showed better lift on numerous occasions, expect him to reach double digits scoring in game six.

This is a video of Tony Parker’s highlights from game 4, courtesy of OneCokePlz Highlights YouTube Channel.

Tim Duncan Fresh

Tim Duncan is 39 years old going on 40 and at times has looked that way this season. But most of the time he looks like a 30 year old that is schooling the youngsters in the league that think their athleticism will make them great. In game five Duncan looked fresh as he went for 21 points and 11 rebounds. The performance was his second straight terrific one, as he had 22 points and 14 rebounds the previous game.

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