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One More Night; Spurs Push For Second Seed

By Ryan McCallum

Phil Collins said it best. “One More Night, Just Give Me One More Night.”

The season is not quite over, as San Antonio finds themselves with the opportunity for yet another division title. With a win against the New Orleans Pelicans on Wednesday night, the Spurs would win the Southwest Division and earn the number two-seed in the Western Conference Playoffs.

Regardless of the goings-on in the rest of the Conference, the Spurs own their own destiny. Win and get home court advantage. Lose and perhaps drop to the number five-seed and play on the road.

The Spurs have identical records to Houston and the Los Angeles Clippers. However, should San Antonio take out the Pelicans on Wednesday, they will win the division, automatically earning them one of the top four seeds.

Yesterday said a lot for the state of the West. With New Orleans beating Minnesota- despite a world-beating jam by Andrew Wiggins– they held serve for the eighth-seed. They currently hold the advantage over the Oklahoma City Thunder who beat a depleted Portland Trailblazer team, 101-90. Memphis fell to sixth after losing to the Golden State Warriors that wasn’t as competitive as the final score would suggest.

The second-seed wouldn’t have come down to this final game on Wednesday had Denver pulled the upset against Los Angeles. With five minutes left, they actually had the lead. But Doc Rivers’ and company would grind it out to a 110-103 win at home.

This is the Spurs game to lose. Or win, depending on if you’re a glass half full kind of guy. They have proven to be a better team than New Orleans, in the historical sense. However, without Tiago Splitter, the Pelicans’ Anthony Davis may dominate the paint. If home court is truly important, which it is for this team, the Spurs will not only play their starters, but will be physical with Davis. Look for heavy minutes from Aron Baynes to weigh down the New Orleans center. Tim Duncan will also have a chance to show that things do get better with age, as he will certainly be logging time on the upstart from Kentucky.

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