San Antonio Spurs Player Grades in Win Over Houston Rockets

By Jay Desai

The San Antonio Spurs won their ninth straight game on Wednesday night, defeating the Houston Rockets 110-98 at home.

The Spurs trailed by one point after the first quarter but locked down defensively after, holding the Rockets to just 38 points over the middle two quarters and leading by 14 heading into the fourth quarter.

Tony Parker powered the offense for San Antonio, contributing 27 points and four assists in the winning effort. Kawhi Leonard also packed a scoring punch, 20 points on 9-of-15 shooting.

For the Rockets, it was Dwight Howard who paced the way with 16 points and 11 rebounds in just 22 minutes. MVP candidate James Harden made a nice showing as well, 22 points, four rebounds, and four assists.

Now that the game is over, we have post-game grades for key Spurs players in the San Antonio Houston game!

Check out our San Antonio Spurs player grades below!

A+. Tony Parker had been struggling in the month of April, failing to post a double-digit scoring game, that is at least until now. Parker seems to have turned thing around, at least temporarily with his 27 point, four assist showing against the Rockets. The French point guard also flustered the Houston point guards, especially <strong><a href=. PG. San Antonio Spurs. TONY PARKER

D+. <strong><a href=. SG. San Antonio Spurs. DANNY GREEN

San Antonio Spurs. KAWHI LEONARD. B+. Kawhi Leonard was outstanding against Houston, well at least offensively. Leonard was once again a catalyst for the San Antonio offense, recording 20 points on 9-of-15 shooting. He also played with very active hands, coming away with four steals. One area where Spurs fans would have liked to see Leonard perform better in was individual, one-on-one defense. Rockets small forward <strong><a href=. SF

San Antonio Spurs. TIM DUNCAN. C+. <strong><a href=. PF

<strong><a href=. C. San Antonio Spurs. ARON BAYNES. B+

B-. The San Antonio Spurs bench played solid against the Houston Rockets, combing for 39 points. All the Spurs reserves who played more than 15 minutes finished with positive plus-minuses. While the reserves did combine for 39 points, a majority of that scoring came from two players. <strong><a href=. . . SAN ANTONIO SPURS BENCH

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