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San Antonio Spurs Are Heating Up Following Win Against Charlotte Hornets

By Ryan McCallum

Let me start by saying that I’m ecstatic that the Charlotte franchise is once again the Hornets.  I was a huge Hornets guy growing up in the 1990’s.  I had a suede blue Hornets had (of course cocked to the side), wore tights under my basketball shorts to emulate my favorite player Kendall Gill (#KG13), and the “Grandmama” thing had me going for at least a week (that was just Larry Johnson in drag).

I’m not even sure there were ever Bobcats in Charlotte.

But, I’ve put aside my Pepsi Clear, removed my Girbaud jean shorts, and have settled firmly into my Spurs fandom.  And frankly its been good.  5 NBA titles later and my NBA life has come full circle.  Tonight Charlotte brings the buzz to the AT&T Center against my Spurs.

In the battle for L.L. Bean spokesman, Matt Bonner bested Cody Zeller, 10 points to nine.  This was Bonner’s return to the starting lineup, replacing Tiago Splitter, who did not play in the game.

The new, less cool version of Muggsey Bouges, Kemba Walker didn’t play, so the Spurs’ backcourt had a field day.  It didn’t take Tony Parker long to take control of the game.  He led the Spurs with nine points in the first quarter against former Spur Gary Neal.

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Charlotte rebounds the ball incredibly well.  Entering the game they led the league allowing 8.4 offensive rebounds per game.  With that stated, Al Jefferson had a terrific game for the Hornets: 17 points and 16 rebounds.

Tim Duncan had yet another stellar game down low.  His 12 points in traffic were only supplanted in importance by his 14 rebounds.  But, the line of the night goes to Danny Green: 16 points, five rebounds, two assists, two steals, and three blocks.

The San Antonio Spurs continue their winning ways with their third victory in as many games.  They are heating up, while their Western Conference cohorts are cooling off.  In fact, they jumped the Dallas Mavericks, who lost to Houston tonight, in the Western Conference standings.  The Spurs are now in sixth place in the West.

Aside from bringing Kendall Gill back for a one day contract, this game couldn’t have gone any better.  Spurs win 95 to 86.