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San Antonio Spurs Player Grades in Loss to Washington Wizards

By Jay Desai

The Spurs 17 game win streak over the Wizards ended Tuesday as San Antonio was defeated by the Wizards 101-93 in the nation’s capitol.

San Antonio’s poor performance in the final minutes of the game ultimately led the Spurs to the loss. The Spurs were only down by three with three minutes to go but finished their final possessions with three turnovers and 1-of-3 shooting from the field.

Tony Parker finished as San Antonio’s leading scorer with 14 while Tim Duncan notched a double-double, 11 points and 12 rebounds. Duncan’s double-double was also notable because it moved him into sole possession of fifth all-time in double-doubles, passing Karl Malone‘s mark of 814.

For Washington, it was once again the John Wall show. The Wizards point guard put on a show for Washington fans, scoring a game high 25 along with an impressive eight assists.

Now that the game is over, we have post-game grades for key Spurs players in the San Antonio Washington game!

Check out our San Antonio Spurs player grades below!

PG. San Antonio Spurs. TONY PARKER. C+. Tony Parker is just not himself. There’s no denying that after his latest start coming off a hamstring injury. While Parker led the Spurs in scoring at 14, he did so very inefficiently, only 7-of-18 from the field. He also failed to contain John Wall, who finished with 25 points and eight assists. Another negative was that Parker had as many assists, two, as he did turnovers, two. He might not say he’s hurting but after averaging 6.0 points and 1.5 assists since coming back, you have to think the hamstring is definitely still bothering him.

D+. <strong><a href=. SG. San Antonio Spurs. DANNY GREEN

INC. After his surprising <a title=. SF. San Antonio Spurs. AUSTIN DAYE

B-. It’s great that Tim Duncan took sole possession of fifth all-time in double-doubles, but let me tell you the effort to get there was not pretty. Duncan finished with 11 points and 12 rebounds, however, his shooting and defense were anything but impressive. Duncan struggled from the field, shooting 5-of-14 in the game. His defense was also susceptible at times, evident by the Wizards bigs combining for 43 points. Sure he finished with a block and a steal but anyone who has watched basketball for a long period of time can tell you numbers can be very deceiving. That was pretty much the case tonight for the five time champion.. PF. San Antonio Spurs. TIM DUNCAN

C. San Antonio Spurs. TIAGO SPLITTER. B-. <strong><a href=

B. The San Antonio Spurs bench once again combined to score more than 40 points. Leading the way this time were Patty Mills, 12 points, and the recently surprising <strong><a href=. . . SAN ANTONIO SPURS BENCH

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