San Antonio Spurs: 3-Step Plan to Fix the Team

By Ryan McCallum

The play of the San Antonio Spurs has been unpredictable, un-watchable, and irrelevant in the West.  Clearly they are missing the play of injured Kawhi Leonard (rumored to return in two weeks), although it is important to note this team won titles without Leonard.

The NBA fandom expects them to be the Spurs who value consistency over everything else.  The inability to deliver on that formative characteristic of San Antonio Spurs basketball will be their demise this season, perhaps Duncan’s last, if they don’t put puzzle back together immediately.

I don’t want to watch another minute of bad basketball until the Spurs undertake the following 3-step plan:

1. Make A Free Throw

Actually, make 80% of them.  And just get to the line, period.  The Spurs don’t have a single player in the top-20 for free throw attempts this season.  Those are bad habits that will crush them as the season progresses.

2. Move Manu Ginobili Into The Starting Lineup

Marco Belinelli is not a starter, quit trying to make him one.  San Antonio’s best opportunity to push a lead this year is pairing Corey Joseph and Patty Mills in the back court.  The second team is absolutely the cause for San Antonio maintaining a playoff position.  Ginobili is not the spark he was in previous years.  By starting Ginobili the drive-and-kick-out game of Tony Parker becomes that much stronger.

  1. Here is your starting lineup: Tiago Splitter, Tim Duncan, Danny Green, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker.
  2. Here is your second line: Aron Baynes, Boris Diaw, Marco Belinelli, Corey Joseph, Patty Mills.

3. I Want Some Nasty!

Bring those Spurs back.  The ones with an edge.  San Antonio looks comfortable is settling.  Who is going to step up and be the Stephen Jackson of this team?

San Antonio can’t make the playoffs on reputation alone.  If they don’t complete the transformative steps listed here they will be on the outside looking in come playoff-time.

Until then I’d rather watch Hot Tub Time Machine 2 then pay attention to these Spurs.

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