Video Highlights: San Antonio Spurs vs New Orleans Pelicans

By George Middleton

95. 29. 93. 69.

The San Antonio Spurs weren’t supposed to win this game, but they somehow did. The Spurs appeared to be heading for their third straight defeat against the New Orleans Pelicans this season.

The Pelicans were up by two with 0.7 seconds left after Anthony Davis scored with 0.7 seconds left after getting an offensive rebound on a Tyreke Evans miss. Boris Diaw inbounded the ball from about 35 feet away from the basket and Omer Asik from the Pelicans tipped the ball in after he was trying to keep it from getting to Duncan.

This game is a prime example of how the Pelicans have been a pain in the butt to the Spurs this season.

The game was filled with defense as both teams struggled from the field. The Pelicans shot 38% from the field and the Spurs 44%. The Spurs percentage was higher as their ball movement was much better. The Spurs had 24 assists compared to the Pelicans 15 assists.

Manu Ginobili led the Spurs with 26 points off the bench.

Now that the game has concluded, we have highlights from the Spurs-Pelicans game! Check out the highlights below from NBA Highlights YouTube channel and let us know what you think about them in the comments section below!

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