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San Antonio Spurs: Key Statistics

By George Middleton

I know what you are thinking we are only seven games into the San Antonio Spurs season. It’s to early to make anything out of certain statistics or numbers. I beg to differ, despite it being a relatively small sample size these numbers are certainly something to keep an eye on for the rest of the season.

 95.1– San Antonio Spurs Points Per Game

I know the Spurs have been without their full set of guys all year, as Patty Mills, Tiago Splitter, Kawhi Leonard, and Marco Belinelli have missed time to injuries. That number is still one to keep an eye on, as they rank 24th in the league. The Spurs averaged 105.4 last season, expect the number to jump over 100 soon.

.303– Team 3 Point%

With Danny Green, Boris Diaw, Marco Belinelli, Matt Bonner, and Manu Ginobili there’s no reason for the Spurs to be inefficient from downtown. Even with Tony Parker hitting 67% from downtown early on, the San Antonio Spurs have been poor. They are currently 29th in the league in the statistic, only beating out Boston (.301). It’s only a matter of time before they start falling with all those shooters.

33– Minutes that Tim Duncan and Tony Parker are Averaging So Far

Last season coach Gregg Popovich formed a championship without one single player, having averaged more than 30 minutes a game. Early on in the season Popovich has cheated that strategy, but will it continue? I expect Leonard to average about 33 minutes and Parker and Duncan to play about 30.

2– Number of Games that Duncan and Ginobili Have Missed Combined Due to Rest

Coach Popovich has a strategy of benching Duncan, Parker, and Ginobili for rest. The strategy takes place to save his stars legs for their playoff run, as they are creeping up in age. How many games will the trio miss for rest?

6– Number of Different Starting Lineups Used

The San Antonio Spurs have went with six different starting lineups in seven games. Austin Daye went from not playing against Dallas on opening night (coach’s decision) to starting the next game (Phoenix).  With Leonard back and Splitter coming back soon, don’t expect much lineup changes, but until then who knows.