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VIDEO: Chris Paul Misses Game Tying Layup vs Spurs

By Jay Desai

The San Antonio Spurs finally won after what seemed like forever (we’re Spurs fans we aren’t accustomed to losing streaks) defeating the Los Angeles Clippers 89-85.

The game was filled with drama in the final seconds as the Clippers had what should have been the final possession with a chance to either tie or take the lead in the game.

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Neither of those outcomes happened though because, sad face, Chris Paul missed the game tying basket which was a layup.

Tough luck for the Los Angeles team that failed to make a field goal in the final 5:48 of the game.

This miss was bad, but even worse was the aftermath surrounding the play. After Chris Paul missed said layup, Blake Griffin dived on the floor to retrieve the ball and call timeout. That idea would have made good basketball sense had the Clippers have had time-outs remaining.

Unfortunately for Los Angeles they had none which meant the San Antonio Spurs were awarded a technical free throw and ball.

Check out Chris Paul’s blunder below and let us know what your thoughts on it are in the comments below! (H/T to CBS Sports’ Zach Harper)