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Cory Joseph Shows Spurs Are Masters in Player Development Once Again

By Jay Desai

Cory Joseph has been off to a hot start to the NBA season. Averaging 10.5 points on 66.7% shooting from the field during his first four games this year, Joseph is looking like the next San Antonio Spurs star role player.

This is not new though, the idea of San Antonio turning often forgotten players into effective role players. Sure it’s early in the season, but it’s very likely Cory Joseph continues to be an effective role player considering the Spurs ability in the past to maximize the value of its players off the bench.

The Spurs have done it with Marco Belinelli, Boris Diaw, Danny Green, and Patty Mills just to name a few in the recent years. San Antonio’s work with those players show that strong showings for Joseph off the bench will most likely become the norm.

Throw in the fact that Patty Mills, the player who is above Joseph on the Spurs depth chart at point guard, won’t be returning until January, there is a strong chance the next two months will become the Cory Joseph show.

This breakout was predicted, the question was just when it was supposed to happen.

The former University of Texas standout has improved his scoring numbers, field goal percentage, and three-point percentage each year in the past three seasons with the Spurs.

It’s not like Cory Joseph is just seeing his numbers rise because of increased minutes though. His per 36 numbers in the scoring department have risen each year, along with his true shooting percentage.

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Much like many of the Spurs bench-warmers turned role players, Joseph has also seen a nice rise in his player efficiency rating and his offensive rating, a number currently sitting at 122 through the first four games.

San Antonio’s system has proven time and time again that it is conducive to getting the most out of their players.

Cory Joseph looks like he’s here to stay and once again, the San Antonio Spurs have shown they are the masters of player development, turning bottom of the bench guys into effective role players.

What are your thoughts on Cory Joseph? Are his performances so far here to stay? Let us know in the comments!

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