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Manu Ginobili Has Minor Achilles Issue and Other Ailments

By Jay Desai

Manu Ginobili has minor pain in his left achilles and other ailments according to a statement given by San Antonio Spurs guard.

Here’s what Ginobili had to say about his nagging injuries (translated via

“I have a lot of pain in different areas. I feel the same way I finished last season. There’s a little problem in the left Achilles, that bothers me in the first minutes of play. I was also going crazy with a problem on my small left toe in my left foot. I’m in poor physical condition. I get tired quickly, I’m a bit slow. Since I couldn’t do much in the offseason, I’m steps behind my teammates and everything is a tougher.”

The ongoing injuries should not come to much of a surprise to Spurs fan as Manu Ginobili is an aging player with a lot of basketball under his belt.

Ginobili has been played 975 games and nearl 27,000 minutes in the NBA, postseason and and regular season included, during his career. That does not even include the seven years the Argentine guard has played in leagues outside of the NBA.

Ginobili also plays with a reckless abandon on the court, making these nagging injuries even less surprising.

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Manu Ginobili has had a rough time with injuries lately, his most recent injury being a foot fracture that held him out of the 2014 FIBA World Cup.

San Antonio will need to continue to be extra careful with Ginobili as the 6-foot-6 guard will be key for the Spurs to have a chance at repeating this season.

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