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Daily Dose: The Spurs Get an NBATV Special

By Jay Desai

The San Antonio Spurs will be having a TV special on NBATV the day before their regular season kicks off. We have all the details for you on that and much more on today’s edition of Duncan’s Daily Dose! Let’s get it started shall we?

Our first piece we have for you is the aforementioned television special on the San Antonio Spurs. In the preview, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, and Gregg Popovich are in a round-table discussion talking about the collective unit. The television special on the Spurs is titled “Champions Revealed: 2014 San Antonio Spurs,” and will be aired on NBATV on October 27th.

Check out the preview for the television special below from the NBA’s YouTube channel!

Our next piece we have for you on the daily dose are some highlights from Manu Ginobili’s first All-Star gamein 2005. Since one of the things included in the preview for the San Antonio Spurs television special was a short clip of Duncan and Ginobili before the 2005 All-Star game, we thought it would be cool to share some of those vintage highlights from back when Manu was younger.

Check out Manu Ginobili’s highlights from his first All-Star game way back in 2005 from videodelbasquet’s YouTube channel!

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Our final piece we have for you comes from our friends at Pounding the Rock. Since we have talked about Manu Ginobili so much today, this is perfect time to include Pounding the Rock’s summary, or portrait as they call it, of Ginobili. Check that piece out here!

Since we don’t have any additional news to catch you up on, that does it for today’s edition of Duncan’s Daily Dose!

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