Is Kawhi Leonard Eye Infection A Concern?

By George Middleton

On Saturday it was confirmed that Spurs small forward Kawhi Leonard will miss the rest of the preseason with an eye infection. Leonard’s eye infection spread from his right eye to his left eye. There is also a chance that Leonard can miss the beginning of the regular season, which begins on October 28 against Dallas for the Spurs.

Should the San Antonio Spurs be concerned with Kawhi Leonard’s eye infection?

The answer is obvious, it is clear that the Spurs should be at least a little concerned. With Patty Mills and Tiago Splitter out with injuries, the Spurs depth is shortening and players that didn’t imagine significant roles will have to step in while they are out. If Leonard is out until the regular season begins, there isn’t much to worry about as the preseason games don’t mean much. If he is out for more than a few weeks, than players like Austin Daye and rookie Kyle Anderson will play a role early in the year for the defending champs.

Anderson has been terrific in the last preseason game against Miami on Saturday, going for 17 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists. Daye has displayed his shooting game in a preseason game on Thursday against the Phoenix Suns, going 17 points, while connect on three 3-point shots.

Daye and Anderson have the skill to play solid minutes as they provide a different look for the Spurs as they have contrasting games. Daye is a sharp shooter, while Anderson isn’t as athletic, but can pass and rebound the ball better. Both players are solid, but Leonard is one of the Spurs best players and his role on offense is expanding. Don’t forget Leonard is only 23 years old and won the Finals MVP last season.

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