Five Reasons Tim Duncan is Better Than You

By Ryan McCallum

Tim Duncan is better than you.  There, I said it.

He is a perennial NBA All-Star, a beast on the post, and his longevity in the Association is storied.  Unless your name is Tim Duncan, you can’t relate.  So, Timmy D is better than you, and the truth is, he is better than most of us.

Don’t believe me?  Still need proof?  See the below:

  1. His girlfriend is Vanessa Macias.
  2. He is in a comic book.  A real comic book, not a picture your buddy drew.
  3. He has two nicknames.  He is called the “GOATPUFF” (Greatest of all time power forward), and “The Big Fundamental.”  If you have a nickname it’s probably Chip, or Pudding, or something that ends in -dog.  Nobody calls you the GOATACC.  That would be the Greatest of all time accountant.
  4. He is from St. Croix, U.S.Virgin Islands.  You are from ____.  See?
  5. He has five NBA World Championships.  On October 28th he will be receiving a championship thumb-ring.

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Tim Duncan can scoreboard nearly anyone.  But since 1998 we’ve known that he never would.  Perhaps that is what really makes him better than us all.  And by ‘us-all’ I mean humanity.

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