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Daily Dose: Championship Rings for Fans

By Jay Desai

The San Antonio Spurs are handing out championship rings to Spurs fans! Those who go to San Antonio’s home opener anyways. We have that for you and more on today’s edition of Duncan’s Daily Dose! Let’s get it started shall we?

Our first piece we have for you is all the details on the Spurs handing out commemorative championship rings to Spurs fans. All Spurs fans who attend San Antonio’s season opener against the Dallas Mavericks will receive a commemorative NBA championship ring. Check out all the details here!

Our next piece we have for you, following with our championship theme, are highlights from the 2014 NBA Finals. Watch the San Antonio Spurs brilliance against the Miami Heat on the road to their fifth title.

Check out the highlights below through the NBA’s phantom camera from the NBA’s official YouTube channel!

More from Spurs News

Our final piece we have for you comes from Bleacher Report. David Kenyon of Bleacher Report writes about the San Antonio Spurs decision to not use their 15th roster spot on Bryce Cotton and how it will affect the Spurs guard rotation. You can read about that here!

Since we don’t have any news to catch you up on today, that does it for today’s edition of Duncan’s Daily Dose!

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