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Daily Dose: Kevin Durant’s Injury Effect on the Spurs

By Jay Desai

Kevin Durant was diagnosed with a Jones fracture, which will cause him to miss six-to-eight weeks. We have analysis on how the injury will affect the Spurs and more on today’s edition of Duncan’s Daily Dose! Let’s get it started shall we?

Our first piece we have for you is analysis on the Kevin Durant injury and how it will affect the San Antonio Spurs. Unfortunately, Durant, one the league’s brightest stars, was diagnosed with a fracture in rights right foot which will cause him to miss about a month to a month and a half of the regular season.

Check out what Kevin Durant’s injury will mean for the San Antonio Spurs in the final Western Conference standings here!

Our next piece we have for you is some Kevin Durant highlights just to show you what the ultra-competitve Western Conference won’t be seeing for the first month of the season.

Check out Kevin Durant’s highlights from the 2013-2014 season below from NBAClutchTime’s YouTube Channel!

Our final piece we have for you is some Aron Baynes highlights. According to San Antonio Express-News writer Dan McCarney, the Australian big man was developed a “moderately reliable” corner 3-point shot.

It’s doubtful that Baynes’ expanded range will be incorporated in the Spurs offense but we thought it would nice to share some Aron Baynes highlights with you to show you what we should see this season from the 6-foot-10 center.

Check out Aron Baynes’ highlights from the 2013-2014 NBA season below from YouTube user NBAclips167’s channel!

Finally, we do have some news to catch you up on.

More from Spurs News

John Holland, the last addition to the San Antonio Spurs training camp roster and preseason team, was waived yesterday. This does not come as a surprise as Sunday it was reported that John Holland would sign with Turkish team Beşiktaş. You can read the whole story, including the press release, on Holland being waived from the Spurs here.

That does it for today’s edition of Duncan’s Daily Dose!

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