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Aron Baynes Has Developed Corner 3-Point Shot

By Jay Desai

Aron Baynes has apparently developed a “moderately reliable” 3-point shot according to Dan McCarney of the San Antonio Express-News.

Seen it sporadically in warmups last year, but Aron Baynes has what appears to be a moderately reliable corner 3.

— Dan McCarney (@danmccarneysaen) October 13, 2014

Aron Baynes only shot 25% last season (including post-season) from 10-feet and beyond, making this a surprising development.

The Australian big man has only played 10 total minutes in the San Antonio Spurs first two preseason games making it difficult to gauge whether Baynes’ warmup showing actually translates to game action.

Aron Baynes has only attempted two 3-point attempts in his career. Even during his time with Australia in the 2014 FIBA World Cup, a tournament which has a shorter 3-point line, Baynes did not attempt a single shot from behind the arc, making this revelation all the more interesting.

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Although the 6-foot-10 center may display some outside shooting in warmups, it is unlikely San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich will give Aron Baynes the green light to fire from deep, especially considering the numerous 3-point shooters the Spurs already have on their roster.

What do you think about Aron Baynes potential development in the corner 3-point game? Should he utilize this skill in games? Let us know in the comments!

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