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San Antonio Spurs Ranked 4th in NBA Watchability by USA Today

By Jay Desai

The San Antonio Spurs have been ranked the fourth most watchable team in the NBA for the upcoming season by USA Today Sports.

When talking about why the San Antonio Spurs are so watchable, USA Today Sports writer Adi Joseph mentions Tim Duncan, Gregg Popovich’s media interviews, and the fluid offense run by the Spurs.

Joseph even goes as far to say that Tim Duncan is the best of this era, citing Timmy’s numerous 50-win seasons that rank him even above many NBA franchises (graphic on below).

Also included in the piece are expectations for the Spurs for the upcoming season, one in which Joseph predicts a 50-win season.

While San Antonio ranks fourth on Joseph’s list, we here at Air Alamo believe the Spurs should be first. Fresh off a championship, Spurs fan or not, this is not the team you want to be missing, especially when they are on national television.

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The Spurs have brought back all their players from last year’s title run and an extra, rookie Kyle Anderson, making this year’s San Antonio team a strong contender for the NBA championship.

The whole story by USA Today Sports can be seen here!

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