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San Antonio Spurs 2014-15 Preview

By George Middleton

San Antonio Spurs 2014-15 NBA Season Preview

2013-14 record: 62-20

2013-14 MVP: Tim Duncan

Three Things I Think I Know…

1.The San Antonio Spurs will win at least 55 games this season.

2. Kawhi Leonard will become an all-star next season, as his scoring will increase.

3.Rookie Kyle Anderson will have a role this season at some point.

Key Additions:

Kyle Anderson

Bryce Cotton

[Spurs] will be a playoff team if…

There really is no “if” as long as the Spurs remain healthy they should be a lock to be a top 5 seed, despite being in a tough Western Conference. Leonard’s improvement and the bench play will play a pivotal role come playoffs time.

Team Strengths:

Shooters (Danny Green, Manu Ginobili, Patty Mills, Marco Belinelli, Matt Bonner)

-Depth- One of the deepest teams in the league with Boris Diaw, Belinelli, Mills, and Ginobili potentially coming off the bench)

-Point Guard Depth- Tony Parker running the show and Mills scoring and shooting off bench.

Team Weaknesses:

Getting to the Free-Throw Line- Ranked Last In the NBA in 2013-14

Aging Stars- Ginobili, Duncan, and Parker

Forcing Turnovers

2014-15 Team MVP will be…

Kawhi Leonard

Season Defining Question: 

Will Kawhi Leonard become a go to scorer?

Best Case Scenario: 60-22

Worst Case Scenario: 54-28