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Cory Joseph Shows Off His Rap Skills on the Daily Dose!

By Jay Desai

It’s that time of day again! Another edition of Duncan’s Daily Dose is up for you to catch up with all things San Antonio Spurs! We have some great content ahead for you today! Let’s get it started shall we?

Our first piece we have for you is San Antonio Spurs point guard Cory Joseph showing off his rapping talents. Joseph shows off his skills on the mic in his debut single titled “Cory Jo.”

Check out the music video for Cory Jospeh’s song below from Spanish Fly Media’s YouTube channel!

Our next piece we have for you keeps in with our theme of Cory Joseph but edges more towards the basketball side of things. We have some highlights of the former Texas Longhorn from last season.

Check out some of Cory Joseph’s best plays from the 2013-2014 NBA Season below from the San Antonio Spurs YouTube channel!

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Our final piece we have for you might be even more interesting than Cory Joseph’s rap video. One San Antonio Spurs fan went all in and got himself inked with the Spurs logo and their trophies on his head. You can check out pictures of this super fan here from MySanAntonio’s website!

We don’t have any news to catch you up on today do that does it for today’s edition of Duncan’s Daily Dose!

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