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Should the Spurs Be Worried About Tiago Splitter’s Injury?

By George Middleton

On Monday, it was announced that Tiago Splitter suffered a strained right soleus via the San Antonio Spurs twitter account.

Tiago Splitter has suffered a strained right soleus. A timeline to return hasn't been determined. He will be re-evaluated in 7-to-10 days.

— San Antonio Spurs (@spurs) September 29, 2014

As of now, no one knows how long Splitter will be out. The Brazilian big man averaged 8.2 points and 6.2 rebounds in 21.5 minutes last year. Splitter is a vital part of the Spurs success as he started 50 of the 59 games he played last season and was tied with Kawhi Leonard for second on the team in rebounds.

The question will be “Should the Spurs be concerned about Splitter’s injury?”

With about four weeks till the season begins, there should be some concern for the Spurs, but not to the point where they must panic. If Splitter has setbacks or the injury is more serious than presumed, he has some time to prepare. If necessary, the Spurs would have to start Tim Duncan at center most likely and Boris Diaw at power forward. If Diaw were to start, the Spurs would lose Diaw’s bench production and would likely let someone like Kyle Anderson play off the bench. If Splitter is out, Anderson might get some minutes at either forward spot, as he is versatile and has the ability to make plays like Diaw.

The only way the Spurs should be concerned if they find out that Splitter is out for extended time (more than a month), as they don’t have a lot of depth down low. Duncan would have to play extended minutes or a rookie like Anderson will have to play a bigger role than imagined.

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