What You Missed on San Antonio Spurs Media Day on the Daily Dose!

By Jay Desai

Today’s edition of Duncan’s Daily Dose is all about San Antonio Spurs Media Day! If you missed Spurs Media Day, don’t worry, Air Alamo has you covered all the way from news stories to comedic moments.Let’s get right into it shall we?

Our first piece we have for you is a Spurs Media Day rewind. If you are really dedicated to to media day, you can check out the events from media day in it’s entirety here in a Spurs Media Day rewind!

Our next piece we have for you is a little less time involving. We have a recap for you from Spurs Media Day including quotes, photos, and much more! Check it out here!

Our final piece is a video from last year’s training camp featuring San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich responding to questions.

Check out this hilarious video of Pop being Pop below!

Finally, we have some news to catch you up on. These are the biggest headlines from Spurs Media Day and then some.

Aron Baynes has officially re-signed with the San Antonio Spurs. Read about that story here!

We have some updates on Manu Ginobili’s injury situation for you. Ginobili has been cleared to join the San Antonio Spurs. Check out the full story here!

Patty Mills also gave an update for his shoulder injury which he suffered shortly after the NBA Finals. The Australian born point guard stated that he should be able to return to action some time in January. See the story here!

More from Spurs News

In San Antonio Spurs training camp news, it was announced that Boris Diaw will skip the initial days of training camp and join the team in Berlin before their first preseason game against Alba Berlin on October 8th. Diaw has played a lot of basketball recently with a FIBA World Cup and two Finals appearances so the move makes sense. Read about that here!

Finally, we have the San Antonio Spurs training camp roster for the Spurs 2014-2015 training camp! Check it out here!

That does it for today’s edition of Duncan’s Daily Dose!

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