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The Red Mamba Rises: Matt Bonner Gets His Own Comic Book

By Ryan McCallum

Fresh on the heels of Tim Duncan’s image gracing the pages of “The Punisher” comic, Matt Bonner, and his alter ego The Red Mamba, appear in his own comic book titled, “The Red Mamba”.

James O’Barr, creator of the popular 90’s character, The Crow, produced this golden-gloved marvel.

James O’Barr, Creator of The Crow and @okkervilriver fan, created a #RedMamba comic book pic for Alamo City Comic Con

— Luke Bonner (@LukeyBonner) September 26, 2014

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While O’Barr may have taken some liberties with Matt Bonner’s musculature, it is clear that the determined look in the eyes of The Red Mamba will make evil-doers think twice before committing a crime in the River City.

“The Red Mamba” was created for the 2014 Alamo City Comic Con being held this weekend in San Antonio.

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