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3 Spurs With A Questionable NBA 2K15 Rating

By George Middleton

Everyone seems to make a big deal out of their NBA 2K player rating. NBA 2K15 arrives on October 7, and you know what that means, new ratings for most NBA players! In looking at the ratings that have released there are a fair share of players that were rated in questionable manner. An example of this is shown in Russell Westbrook‘s rating, which is an 88. Westbrook is without a question a top 10 player in the league (arguably top 5), and just came off a dominant postseason, one would think that alone warrants a rating above 90.

Below are some of the questionable player ratings, given to Spurs players in NBA 2K15:

Kawhi Leonard (85)

Kawhi Leonard had a big postseason (particularly in the finals), but that doesn’t mean he should be rated like a star just yet. While Leonard has always been a great defender, his offense is still a work in progress. Many forget that Leonard averaged 12.8 points. While I don’t doubt that Leonard will live up to the rating this season, it’s still a bit too early to rate him higher than players like Goran Dragic (84). At this stage, a rating of an 81 or 82 would be appropriate.

Manu Ginobili (83)

In Manu Ginobili’s prime there was no question that he is a player that should be ranked above an 80, that is not the case anymore. Ginobili at this stage of his career is seen as an important role player off the bench and nothing more. Ginobili averaged 12.3 points and 4.3 assists last year, that certainly doesn’t warrant an 83. He should be in the 78 range.

Kyle Anderson (67)

Yes, I know Kyle Anderson is a rookie and hasn’t proven anything yet, but he was rated basically off where he was picked his in the draft. Anderson might’ve been the last pick in the first round, but he should be a gem down the road. It would only be right if they gave him a 69 or 70, as many players that lack his skill set are even rated that.

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