San Antonio Spurs Hire Applied Sports Scientist

By Jay Desai

The San Antonio Spurs announced their additions and promotions for their team staff yesterday. One of those additions was Xavi Schelling, ann applied sports scientist.

The applied sports scientist is a new addition to Spurs medical staff.

What exactly is an applied sports scientist though? MySanAntonio’s Dan McCarney has some answers:

According to, it is the application of “cutting edge science for optimal athletic achievement.” In other words, helping athletes reach peak performance while preventing injuries — both of which are obviously really, really important things when you’re trying to succeed in sports.

Interestingly, some trace the field all the way back to ancient Greece, where the physician Galen wrote scores of essays on how to improve physical health. Some 1,800 years later, distant successors like Schelling, who was previously the director of athletic performance for eight seasons with Basquet Manresa of the Spanish league, are helping professional athletes perform better.

The San Antonio Spurs have long been trying to defeat father time and have done so pretty successfully over the past half decade. As their core continues to age the Spurs will be looking for more ways to combat the aging process and keep their title window open.

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Hopefully this addition can provide some more insight that will help the San Antonio Spurs closer to repeating for the first time in history.

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