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Kawhi Leonard-Mania on Duncan’s Daily Dose!

By Jay Desai

Prepare yourself for a lot of Kawhi Leonard today on the daily dose! We’re serious!

Our first piece in this Kawhi Leonard themed post is a an interview with Bruce Bowen by Dan McCarney of San Antonio Express-News. Mr. McCarney sat down with Bruce Bowen to talk about a lot of NBA things ranging from his thoughts on Kawhi Leornard’s defense to his best Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich and everything in between!

Check out the interview here on!

The next Kawhi Leonard piece we have is a little more fun if reading is not your cup of tea. We have highlights for you!

Can you guess who the highlights are of though? If you guessed Kawhi Leonard you guessed right!

Check out some of Leonard’s highlights from the 2013-2014 season below from YouTube user NBAClutchTime’s channel!

Our final piece for today is also in video form and we here at Air Alamo think it’s the best out of all three (Of course we saved the best for last!)

Check out Kawhi Leonard playing basketball with Rob Dyrdek! Did we mention they’re using huge hands, like really, really huge hands?

Watch the clip below from YouTube user LunchablesUploaded’s channel!

Finally, we have some actual news to catch you up on for once. It had been slow the last couple of days in the San Antonio Spurs world but we finally had a breakthrough, or something close enough to a breakthrough. Ah, whatever, news is news and we’ll call it a breakthrough since it’s happening during the usual dog days of the NBA offseason.

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Anyways on to the news. The San Antonio Spurs are working out former Seton Hall player Fuquan Edwin. Edwin went undrafted in the 2014 NBA Draft and is looking for a home in the league after playing with the Oklahoma City Thunder in the summer league. Read about it here (seriously read it we don’t know when we’ll get some news again!).

That does it for today’s edition of Duncan’s Daily Dose! Make sure you catch us tomorrow at the same time!

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