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Is Gregg Popovich the Best NBA Coach?

By George Middleton

Earlier today, CBS Sports NBA writer Matt Moore ranked Gregg Popovich as the best current NBA coach.

Is Popovich really the best coach?

Let me begin by saying that there is no question that Popovich is the best in the business. Popovich just came off his fifth NBA championship, this past season against the Miami Heat. Popovich’s five rings, have him tied for third in NBA history among coaches. The two ahead are Phil Jackson (11) and Red Auerbach (9), both legendary coaches.

The next closest among active coaches with rings, is Erik Spoelstra who has two. Spoelstra is the only active coach other than Popovich with multiple titles. It’s fair to say that Spoelstra didn’t need to necessarily need to be a great coach, to win those titles being in the eastern conference and having LeBron James. That isn’t taking anything away from Spoelstra, who is a terrific coach.

Popovich’s career win percentage is 69% in the regular season, which ranks fourth all-time. The only coaches worthy of being in the same sentence as Popovich are Rick Carlisle and Doc Rivers, but they still have their ways to go. Both coaches have a ring each and have made a heavy impact on their teams in recent year. Rivers career win percentage is 56%, while Carlisle’s is 60%.

It’s clear that Moore was not lying when he rated Popovich a perfect 10 out of 10.

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