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Best Centers in San Antonio Spurs History

By George Middleton

The Spurs have a track record of success, terrific players, and a respectable franchise. With five titles won, there are many players to thank, but who are the best centers to play in San Antonio? (Keep in mind, Tim Duncan is a power forward)

3. Dennis Rodman– Dennis Rodman wasn’t listed as a center in his career, but due to the lack of productive centers he is on this list. Rodman played only two seasons in San Antonio, but he did enough to make this list. Despite being only 6″7 he was simply a rebounding machine. Rodman led the league in rebounds, in his two seasons on San Antonio averaging 17.3 rebounds and 16.8. It’s unfortunate that the Spurs traded him for Will Perdue, as Rodman was a two time defensive player of the year and a two time all-star in his career. Rodman only averaged more than 10 points once in his career, but he didn’t need to score, that’s how much of a presence he was.

2. Artis Gilmore– Artis Gilmore spent five seasons of his NBA career on the Spurs. The 7″2 center was a two time all-star (once with Spurs). His best season with the Spurs was when he averaged 18 points and 12 rebounds. Gilmore was also a terrific shot blocker in his career, as he averaged 1.9 in his NBA career. Gilmore is without a question, the second best center in Spurs history as he was a player that scored, grabbed rebounds, and blocked shots well.

1. David Robinson– The “Admiral” is without a question one of the better centers in NBA history. Robinson was a 10 time NBA all star, two time NBA champion, and has a defensive player of the year award under his belt. Robinson was dominant for most of his career, as he has averages of 21.1 points, 10.6 rebounds, and 3 blocks. What made Robinson a special player was that he did it on both sides of the ball. He was also a 10 time all-NBA selection, NBA rookie of the year, and NBA MVP. Robinson will always be remembered for the 71 points and 14 rebounds game he had against the Clippers on April 24, 1994. He is a member of the Hall of Fame.