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What Does Michael Beasley Brings To The Spurs If Signed?

By George Middleton

Earlier today, reports came out stating that the San Antonio Spurs are working out Michael Beasley. Yes, Beasley the one that tends to play lazy defense and a questionable shot selection. Despite that Michael Beasley is a talented player that hasn’t received big minutes since 2011.

The number two pick of the 2008 draft hasn’t been the player that many thought he would be after a year at Kansas State. Not all of it is his fault. Beasley is not a guy who comes in and gives the team energy on defense or comes in and grabs 10 rebounds in small minutes. He is a scorer that has proven he can score 15-20 points when given the minutes.

After two solid seasons to start his career on the Miami Heat, he averaged 19.2 points on the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2010-11. Ever since Michael Beasley hasn’t averaged more than 23 minutes and has a combined 29 starts. Last season when the Miami Heat got Beasley many thought he would disintegrate the clubhouse, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, Michael Beasley who played 15 minutes a game, played hard when his number was called and he shot a career high 50% from the field.

If the Spurs sign Beasley, what will he help with?

Michael Beasley, who is only 25 years old, will give the Spurs a young scorer with solid athleticism. With Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, and Tim Duncan at the ends of their careers, a versatile forward that can score 20 on any given night won’t hurt. Plus having the best coach in the business (Gregg Popovich) will certainly go a long way for a player like Beasley. The Spurs have a young talent in Kawhi Leonard, adding another one won’t hurt. Who knows maybe Leonard can teach him a thing or two on defense!

If the Spurs want him, they better hurry because the Los Angeles Lakers have already worked him out a few times!

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