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Manu Ginobili’s MRI “good;” Spurs to Decide FIBA Status

By John Follett

The test results on Manu Ginobili’s stress-fractured foot are in and according to the Argentine National Team doctor, things look “good.”

The 36-year old’s participation in the 2014 FIBA World Cup now hinges on a decision to be made by the San Antonio Spurs.  Earlier in the week Manu Ginobili confirmed his desire to suit up for Argentina but said he agreed with Gregg Popovich to play only if pain-free.  Whether or not a “good” MRI result  is enough to convince the San Antonio Spurs remains to be seen but the expectation is Manu Ginobili will be held out of the tournament.

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While he remains adamant about representing his country in Spain, allowing Manu Ginobili to play is not within the San Antonio Spurs best interests.  The Spurs have carefully budgeted Ginobili’s minutes over the past few seasons and they’re at a point where 2015 is going to be their last with the Argentinian.  Its also important to note that, while his tests have come back looking positive, nobody has gone on record to claim Manu Ginobili is fully recovered from the stress fracture suffered during the 2014 NBA Finals.

In another turn of events, Ginobili’s fellow Argentinian, Luis Scola, recently gave an interview in which he threatened to boycott the World Cup in light of corruption that has overshadowed Argentina’s hoops federation.  Reports indicate the Confederación Argentina de Basquetbol is in debt some $20 million.  As a result, employees aren’t being paid and players are working out uninsured and traveling with less-than-friendly accomidations.  Both Manu Ginobili and Andres Nocioni have since endorsed Scola’s comments via Twitter.

We can expect a decision from the San Antonio Spurs soon but the outlook does not seem favorable for the Argentinians.  In the meantime, Manu Ginobili joined the Argentinians on Thursday and will continue working out until instructed otherwise.