San Antonio Spurs News

What makes San Antonio Spurs Nation #1

By John Follett

It’s day four of my month-long furlough to San Antonio and as I walk along the river, I’m reminded there’s no greater fans than those who represent the San Antonio Spurs.

In the NBA especially, some players have essentially become bigger than the teams they suit up for.  A trip to Commerce Street and I still see more shirts featuring the San Antonio Spurs logo than I do folks wearing player jerseys.  This fact brings me great pride in that San Antonio Spurs Nation remains more dedicated to the franchise than any one or two players.  Awfully ironic for a team that rarely alters the corps of their roster.

San Antonio Spurs Nation is all about showing team pride but here, it’s done so in a very modest, professional manner.

San Antonio Spurs Nation is perhaps the most genuine and dedicated fan-base one can find.  Where constant player movement charters multiple bandwagons, the Alamo remains original.  Go to any city and you’ll find Laker fans in New York and Boston fan in Los Angeles.  In the Alamo City, the good people here are only dedicated to the San Antonio Spurs.

Few things are more annoying than an obnoxious group of fans.  If you aren’t sure what I mean, go check out the inside of a Pittsburgh Steeler fan’s office or an Oakland Raider fan’s basement.  In Miami they began painting a larger-than-life mural of “The Big Three,” the minute Lebron arrived.  This came after Cleveland cut down the gargantuan, “Witness” banner suspended from the Landmark Office Tower.  You’ll find a very quaint, “Go Spurs Go” sign along the top of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce;  no murals, no humongous tapestries of Tim Duncan or Tony Parker.  San Antonio Spurs Nation is all about showing team pride except it’s done so here in a very modest, professional manner.

For a city currently celebrating a 5th NBA championship things are quiet in San Antonio Spurs Nation.  Outsiders would probably find this unusual.  Miami celebrated their 2013 crown until the minute they dropped the 2014 Finals and God-forbid the Lakers win the championship, we never here the end of it.  People in the Alamo celebrate like they’ve been here before and well, they have…four times over.  The 2014 party is already over and San Antonio Spurs Nation is quietly gearing up for 2015.

To sum it up: dedicated, genuine, modest, and focused, all reasons which make San Antonio Spurs fans the best in the World.