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San Antonio Spurs Quiet Off-season is an Advantage

By John Follett

There’s never much to talk about in a San Antonio Spurs off-season.  Outside of a few predictable transactions, the Alamo remains in tact for 2014-15 but that’s okay, quiet is good.  Quiet off-seasons are what keeps the San Antonio Spurs ahead of their competition.

All this player movement and the constant noise may be great for talk radio and bloggers but what does it mean for each team’s 2014-15 season?  Let’s take into account team chemistry and player cohesion.  Its obvious why the San Antonio Spurs continue to win with the same lineup while the rest of the league is obsessed with the “big three” concept.

Donald Sterling almost makes me thankful most people have no idea who Peter Holt is.

Roster overhauls

Lebron James captured a zillion headlines this off-season but his move back to Cleveland has temporarily set back two NBA franchises.  The Cleveland Cavaliers will be a competitive team but their current roster and coaching staff looks nothing like it did the year prior.  So much transition requires much adjusting, thus leaving Cleveland in need of a season or two  before making a serious run at a solidified team such as the San Antonio Spurs.

Failed runs at studs

The Houston Rockets were primed to get over a hump in their second year of  the Dwight Howard era.  This was before the Carmelo Anthony chase led to the exit of Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin, and Omer Asik.  Houston let go of these productive players in order to free up cap space but in the end, the failed run at Carmelo will haunt their 2015.  Its also doesn’t help when James Harden spouts off  about how great he is.  Could you imagine Tony Parker giving himself props and labeling everyone else strictly a “role-player?”

Mark Cuban’s Mavericks are another example as they continue to swing and miss on elite free agents.  Dallas added Chandler Parsons and Jameer Nelson but their inability to secure another big name leaves a massive void and continued fan frustration.

Unstable Front Offices

Just when we thought the Clippers were turning a page, Donald Sterling abruptly loses his mind on camera.  Chaos ensued in Los Angeles and Doc Rivers doesn’t have a prayer to make things before the start of this new season.  Steve Ballmer will eventually provide stability and a bright future but for now, it’s an entire season of the Sterling fiasco to repel players from the Clippers uniform.  Donald Sterling almost makes me thankful most people have no idea who Peter Holt is.

It’s the quiet ones you have to worry about, right?  That said, who needs or much less wants to deal with all the above?

Let’s sit tight San Antonio Spurs Nation because as always our patience this off-season will pay off very, very soon.