Sam Young feels he can contribute for Spurs and their success

By Michael Rehome

Nov. 21, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indiana Pacers small forward Sam Young (4) runs back up court against the New Orleans Hornets at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. The Pacers won 115-107 in OT. Mandatory Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Free agent small-forward Sam Young has been greeted by many when word came out that he was invited to the Spurs training camp for a shot of making the roster come regular season.  How many of you fans remember 2011?  That was the year that seemingly has been imprinted into many Spurs faithful’s as they [Spurs] were ousted by a Memphis Grizzlies team that Young played and contributed into the Spurs quest of another title.

Young spoke with Dan McCarney of Spurs Nation and stated that he was welcomed to San Antonio and hearing about how he is still hated from the 2011 series.  He did go on to state that he works hard on his game and looks forward to guarding the leagues best players.  With one of six veterans in the Spurs training camp, he has to be sure that the hard work will hopefully pay off in the end for him.

There are some areas that Young has that could possibly help in with his case of the last roster spot.  San Antonio has been trying to find that player that will fit well within the system of filling their small-forward position.  Young, whom is a veteran of the league, has that on his side as well as other things.  He also is a very defensive-minded player and that for one really fits in well with what head coach Gregg Popovich preaches in his system.

On the point of Young guarding the LeBron’s and Carmelo’s and Kobe’s this is one area that the Spurs lack coming off of the bench.  A quality defender that can body up with the leagues best.

(H/T Spurs Nation)

“That’s all I’ve been doing since I came in the league: Guarding the LeBrons and Carmelos and Kobes,” said Young, who averaged 2.8 points in 56 games with Indiana last season. “That’s my forte. Coming here I expect no different…and I take on the challenge every time. That’s kind of the missing piece of the puzzle. I feel I can provide that for this team.”