San Antonio Spurs Player Ratings In NBA 2K14

By Michael Rehome

On Tuesday, 2K Sports released their newest addition to the NBA 2K series, NBA 2K14.  The company has really revolutionized the basketball game as it is to date the best title out.  I have been a huge fan of the 2k series and frankly this one does not disappoint.

I am going to take a look at the ratings that our San Antonio Spurs were given in this years title.  For those that have enjoyed the games from 2k sports, I would like for all to comment on whether or not you feel that they got the ratings right, or they are off.

86 – Tony Parker (-1) – 23.0 PER (All-NBA 2nd Team) (Ranked ninth amongst points guards in the game)69 – Patrick Mills (0) – 14.1 PER65 – Nando De Colo (+3) – 11.1 PER64 – Cory Joseph (+2) – 13.5 PER

In 2K Sports point guard formula, they typically place too much value on defense and not enough value on scoring ability, which is how players like Rondo and Jrue Holiday can rate so highly above Tony Parker who was CLEARLY a top three PG last season.

86 – Manu Ginobili (0) – 19.0 PER (Ranked fifth amongst shooting guards)73 – Danny Green (+1) – 14.1 PER65 – Marco Belinelli (0) – 10.4 PER

Shooting guard ratings are basically all over the place.  2K puts a high emphasis on ball-handling in order to pump up the values of superstar SGs.  What that creates is an uneven playing field among role players, where teams value players who bring defense and 3pt shooting like Courtney Lee, Danny Green, and Thabo Sefolosha over inefficient volume scorers like Jordan Crawford, Shannon Brown, or ugh, Austin Rivers.

82 – Kawhi Leonard (+2) – 16.4 PER (Ranked ninth amongst small forwards)74 – Corey Maggette (0) – 7.9 PER (Training Camp Invite)67 – Sam Young (-1) – 7.5 PER (Training Camp Invite)

SFs in general are the highest rated players in NBA 2K since they are generally well-rounded.

87 – Tim Duncan (0) – 24.4 PER (All-NBA 1st Team) (Number one ranked amongst power forwards)64 – Jeff Pendergraph (+2) – 14.5 PER

70 – Tiago Splitter (+1) – 18.7 PER (Ranked thirty-second amongst centers)64 – Boris Diaw (+2) – 11.9 PER58 – Matt Bonner (+7) – 11.8 PER

Now lets hear what you have to say about the ratings. Do you agree with them? What kind of rating, if they needed changed would you give each player and why?