Orlando Pro Summer League: Day 5

By Michael Rehome

Nov 28, 2012; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Detroit Pistons center Andre Drummond (1) before the game against the Phoenix Suns at The Palace. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Friday marks the last day of the Orlando Pro Summer league and if Thursday’s games have any indication on what is to come, the last day of the summer league should be nothing short of spectacular.

Day five has concluded and though there was one blowout on the day, the other three games were real nail biters and had me glued to the television.  The best game of the day would have to be between the Miami Heat and the Detroit Pistons.  Remember the name, Andre Drummond.

Drummond came out in the first quarter as aggressive as he has been during the summer league.  Four minutes in, he had already attempted seven shots and grabbed a handful of rebounds.  This game had it all.  With a lot of spectacular play from both teams, it came down to the wire.  It would be the play and big double-double from Drummond that would prove to much for Miami to handle.  He would finish with 23 points and a Orlando Pro Summer League high, 18 rebounds.

Tony Mitchell who finished with just seven points threw down a game-winning put-back slam with 1.7 seconds to seal it for Detroit.

If that wasn’t enough, the last game of the day would pit the host Orlando Magic against a team looking for their first win in the summer league, the Philadelphia 76ers.

Like the game before, this one would come down to the wire and the Orlando Magic saw their first round pick, Victor Oladipo take over and seal the game with a step back three-pointer.

Olidipo took the ball right at Carter-Williams, pulling up just left of the key for a jump shot that put the Magic into the lead with 4.4 seconds remaining. It was prime theater with Oladipo, the second pick in the draft, going head-to-head against Carter-Williams, the No. 11 pick in the draft, over the final 2 minutes of the game.  These two are going to have a great battle against one another in the Eastern Conference.

Oladipo impressed and looked as if he was in rare form.  He finished with 24 points on 7-of-16 shooting from the field.  To go along with the points, he also dished out six assists.

Oladipo and his Orlando Magic will face the Boston Celtics on Friday.  In the championship game, the first place Houston Rockets will take on the Oklahoma City Thunder at 12:00 PM Eastern Time.