2013 NBA Finals Game 6: What Spurs Can Do To Clinch Their 5th Title

By Michael Rehome

Jun 16, 2013; San Antonio, TX, USA; Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade (right) and small forward LeBron James addresses the media after game five in the 2013 NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs at the AT

Game six, NBA Finals, Spurs are just one game away from notching their fifth title in the teams history.  Listening to sports talk radio on the way home this morning from my job, everyone was pretty much stating that the pressure is not on San Antonio but on the Miami Heat.  I still am trying to figure out the way these finals have gone.  I can’t recall teams going back and forth with winning a game, then losing the next, and so on.

I then switched to


Miami Heat Radio and they stated the pressure is not on the Heat but on San Antonio.  Of course right?  San Antonio playing under the radar and they continue to be left out of everything when it comes to talking about these finals, from ESPN.  Every other news outlet have given the Spurs their due.

Tonight is the night.

The Spurs and the fans have been waiting six long years for this time to come.  It happens.  The Drive For Five because reality.  But first, there are some things that San Antonio needs to do and continue to do in order to clinch the title.

Control Emotions.  I have stated this times through-out these finals but tonight is where San Antonio really needs to keep their emotions in check.  The younger guys, Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard have done a remarkable job showing no signs of nervousness with this being their first finals.  Them two have played about the best basketball you could ever hope for in their first trip.

Limit Turnovers.  The Miami Heat feed off of being able to get steals and take it to the other end as quick as they can.  This is what happened in game 5.  LeBron and Wade love to get out into the open floor and finish at the rim.  Taking care of the ball and not trying to force passes into double-teams as well as across court, ala Ginobili, needs to be key.

Get Ginobili Going.  Raising from the ashes Ginobili decided to join the Finals by having his best game notching a double-double with 24 points and 10 assists.  Didn’t LeBron state before that they were preparing for Ginobili as if he was going to have a huge game?  Hmmm, wonder what happened.

Finish It.  I woke up today feeling probably about as good as all Spurs fans.  This is our time.  We have seen our team with their ups and downs.  We have heard it through the media, they are to old, they can’t compete with the younger teams in the league.  Well how about that, they have proven that age does not matter.  They know how to play as a team and use their skills.  Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard have been playing lights out.