Danny Green On LeBron: “He’s Stopping Himself”

By Michael Rehome

Jun 11, 2013; San Antonio, TX, USA; San Antonio Spurs shooting guard Danny Green addresses the media in the post-game press conference after game three against the Miami Heat in the 2013 NBA Finals at the AT

As the game ended I quickly went to listen to the post game press conferences. Gregg Popovich was first up, Tim Duncan followed and then the final two that took over the game and helped the San Antonio Spurs move into the record books for most three’s in a finals, Danny Green than Gary Neal.

Green looked scared at first heading up to the podium, this hasn’t been to familiar of a territory for Green to be in front of the media.  His first words once he did reach…..”Sup”.  Right then I knew that this was going to be a pretty fun presser.

Green of course was asked about his shooting in these finals and most importantly how the Spurs have been able to contain LeBron James.  Once asked that question Danny Green gave the best answer I have heard in a long, long time on the success they are having on him.

“It’s not just us stopping LeBron. He’s stopping himself.”

The media then took that and tried to run with it on Green but he wasn’t letting that happen. Green and Kawhi Leonard have been doing a great job on James in these finals.  San Antonio as a team have been forcing LeBron into taking jump shots and keep him as far away from the rim as possible.  Michael Wallace from ESPN tweeted that Green is right, they are not doing anything magical on James.  He is being forced to help defenders as well as settling for jumpers, not attacking.

Danny Green is right. Spurs not doing anything magical on LeBron. He’s being forced into help defenders or settling for Js, not attacking.

— Michael Wallace (@WallaceNBA_ESPN) June 12, 2013

Green finished off by saying that he hopes LeBron doesn’t find a way to overcome his shooting woes.  We all feel the same way on that aspect Danny.