The Morning Tip-Off

By Michael Rehome

The Morning Tip-Off is where we scour the internet, to bring you all the San Antonio Spurs news from different outlets, all on one page. Here are your links for May 23rd:

San Antonio Spurs Prove To Be “Radioactive” For Grizzlies – Fansided Radio

How has it been so easy for San Antonio to grab a quick 2-0 lead over the Grizzlies? Simple time time travel should be able to give everyone the answer. The Spurs are playing themselves from a decade ago.

It is simply a “Radioactive” situation for the Memphis Grizzlies. There is no way they can win this battle…unless they look into the future for the winning game plan.

Memphis Grizzlies vs San Antonio Spurs Analysis – King James Gospel

The Grizzlies were off to a better start in game 2, holding the Spurs to only 18 points in the first quarter, after allowing 31 in their first meeting. Their defense was without a doubt an improvement over whatever it was in game 1. On pick and roll coverage, they switched appropriately, and hedged in small doses (Memphis should never hedge hard in any scenario due to their bigs’ lack of athleticism, and inability to move laterally for more than a step). They reduced over-helping on penetration, rotated well for the most part, and thankfully, the Spurs didn’t hit a million threes.

Spurs Must Push For Sweep To Give PG Time Off Before Finals – Bleacher Report

Tony Parker is headed for an MRI, but don’t fret, Spurs fans—it’s not as bad as it sounds. Typically, when an athlete is scheduled for an MRI, the best-case scenario is that a few weeks of rest is all that will be needed to heal an ailing ligament and not surgery, which requires a lengthy recovery process.

Comparing Grizzlies And Spurs Chances Against Miami Heat – Blecher Report

Gregg Popovich’s plug-and-play group is the antithesis of Erik Spoelstra’s All-Star-laden roster, but there are some notable similarities between the two franchises.

Both have the ability to lace up a number of different kicks, overwhelming their opposition with a perimeter-based offensive barrage or scratching out success in a slow-paced defensive test of wills. Pop and Spo have a horde of marksmen flanking multiple ball-handlers capable of carving up defenders with point-producing penetrations.

Life Is Full Of Possibilities – Pounding the Rock

2010 was a rough year as a Spurs fan. Well, it was the most painful regular season I have had to endure in my 14 years as a Spurs lover. Keith Bogans was a Spur (what?), Tony was unhealthy when Manu happened to be healthy, Blair/Bonner were our centers and Richard Jefferson happened. I hated it.

 Game 2 Grades Handed Out – AirAlamo

Ok, so that game was, ugh. A game that saw the Spurs up 18 points near the end of the third quarter, up 7 with under a minute to go. The Spurs due to exhaustion, stopping what worked, and the Memphis defense forced an unlikely overtime. In overtime Tim Duncan showed why he is by far and away the greatest power forward ever to grace a basketball court in scoring 6 of the Spurs 8 points in OT and helping the Spurs prevail and take a 2-0 series lead.