The Morning Tip-Off

By Michael Rehome

May 14, 2013; San Antonio, TX, USA; San Antonio Spurs dancers perform against the Golden State Warriors in the third quarter in game five of the second round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs at the AT

The Morning Tip-Off is where we scour the internet, to bring you all the San Antonio Spurs news from different outlets, all on one page. Here are your links for May 16th:

Tony Parker Making San Antonio Spurs Look Like Contenders – Bleacher Report

It’s no coincidence that the San Antonio Spurs regained control of Game 5 of their second-round NBAplayoff series right around the time thatTony Parker started slicing up theGolden State Warriors defense. He’s the center of the Spurs’ newer, faster, more pick-and-roll-oriented universe—and has been for some time now.

NBA Title No. 5 Would Cement Tim Duncan As Top-10 Player of All-Time – Bleacher Report

Despite possessing above-average talent, the San Antonio Spurs power forward has never been one to explore the benefits of being a superstar off the court. While many of the league’s biggest names are media celebrities, Duncan has remained fairly isolated from such coverage. As a result, the famed big man has become not only one of the most underrated players in today’s game, but also one of the least-recognized achievers throughout basketball history.

Video: Duncan On Game 5 Win Over Warriors – Project Spurs

After the game, Tim Duncan gave his thoughts on the win and said he liked the team defense, closing out on Golden State three-point shooters, keeping the Warriors off the glass and more. Check out what Duncan had to say including how great Kawhi Leonard’s play was in Game 5.

Video: Tim Duncan With A Warm Greeting For Richard Jefferson – Project Spurs

Tim Duncan does not take too kindly to someone being in the way of his traction pad, giving Richard Jefferson the business in a way many Spurs fans would like to.

The Russian’s Cut & It’s A Bad Cut – Pounding the Rock

Stephen Curry, just one week ago, was heaving balls off the ground and making one footed threes. He looked like he and Klay Thompson were going to shoot the Spurs into a depressing offseason. Now the Warriors are down 3-2 and Stephen Curry doesn’t look quite so invincible anymore.

Warriors’ Demise? – TrueHoop

The Spurs have devised ways to stop the Warriors’ potent 3-point attack. Ethan Sherwood Strauss and Graydon Gordian have seen enough to declare the Spurs will move on.

Revisiting The Leonard/Hill Trade – Spurs Nation

Cruising through the web in the aftermath of Game 5, one angle stood out above the others: A short passage at Grantland illustrating just how well the George Hill/Kawhi Leonard swap has worked out for both franchises.

Neither are stars, but they’re playing key roles on what will almost certainly be two of the last four teams standing in the 2012-13 season. Leonard has established himself as one of the game’s brightest young prospects with the Spurs, while Hill is running the point with a steady, sometimes spectacular hand for his hometown Pacers.