The Morning Tip-Off

By Michael Rehome

McGrady’s Former Chinese Team Hopes He’ll Come Back – Jose Grijalva, Project Spurs

Quingado GM Shun Tin commented on McGrady returning to the NBA this season.

We hope T-Mac is playing well elsewhere and can get a championship. It’s is a very good thing, and we would like to see it. (

He also mentioned that T-Mac and the organization have created a close relationship and Tin wasn’t shy about the possibility of his team wanting McGrady to return if there’s no suitors for him in the NBA.

If T-Mac can’t find a suitable contract next season in the NBA, I think he will be back to CBA. He will still be our first choice, we are confident that we can get him to sign back.

What Will The Spurs Do This Offseason – Pounding The Rock

Now that the Los Angeles Lakers are in the rear view mirror, and while we wait to see who the next opponent will be, it’s a good time to take a look at this upcoming off-season; the decisions the Spurs will need to make, and the moves thatPATFO may be considering.

San Antonio Spurs Playoff Road May Be Easier Than Expected – iSportsweb

People assume that teams are more than capable of taking down the “declining” Spurs.  But hold on a second.  Do people really fully understand the San Antonio Spurs?  The Spurs aren’t your ordinary NBA franchise.  This organization was built to succeed.  The Los Angeles Lakers battled so hard at the end of the season.  They gutted out the last few games of the season but their late playoff push was ultimately all for nothing.

DeJuan Blir Has An Epic Pre-Game Dancing Ritual – The NBA Lottery Pick

One thing that I do know about NBA players is that some have pretty elaborate pre-game rituals and video of San Antonio Spurs forward DeJuan Blair ritual has hit the fair Interwebs.

Spurs’ Diaw Ready To Get Back To Work – Jeff McDonald, Spurs Nation

Out of action since April 12 surgery to remove an olive-sized cyst from the base of his spine, Diaw says he’s “getting close” to returning to the Spurs’ active roster.

He could suit up for Game 1 of the Western Conference semifinals against either Golden State or Denver, a series that would not begin until Monday.

Has Championship Sea Parted For The San Antonio Spurs – Bleacher Report

The NBA‘s Western Conference has never been more wide open than it is now and while every team stands to benefit from the west’s current state, no faction is in as good a position as the San Antonio Spurs.