NBA Fantasy Continues Through the Playoffs!

By FanSided

The NBA Playoffs are ready to tip-off and Air Alamo readers still have a chance to win money playing daily fantasy basketball all April & May long! Now’s the time when the superstars shine, and you can too. We’ve partnered with Cantor Fantasy Sports to bring you a fantasy game lets you pick who you want, when you want.

How does it work?

  • Choose your entry fee (leagues start as low as $2)
  • Select two Guards, two Forwards and one Center
  • Submit your team and watch your players rack up the points on their Live Scoreboard!

Why is Cantor’s game different?

NO Salary Cap. Cantor’s Fantasy Line™ allows you to select any player you want, while offering the fairest play and competitive balance. Each player is assigned a “fantasy value”. The value of each player you draft accumulates towards your team’s total fantasy value. Once you and your opponent have drafted a full roster, the Fantasy Line is generated.

Great for on-the-go too!

Cantor Fantasy Sports offers the only real money daily fantasy sports app inthe iPad App Store, with an app for the iPhone coming soon.

SIGN UP TODAY and receive a 100% Deposit Bonus up to $25 when you enter the promo code: FANSIDED