[Video] Tim Duncan Lifts San Antonio Spurs To Win In Dramatic Fashion Over Los Angeles Clippers

By Michael Rehome

Mar 29, 2013; San Antonio, TX, USA; San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan (21) reacts after a shot during the second half against the Los Angeles Clippers at the AT

If you missed the game against the Denver Nuggets this past Wednesday, you missed a good one. If you also missed the game Friday night against the Los Angeles Clippers, you missed a gem.  Tim Duncan, the ageless wonder, proved to everyones theory that he is the best power forward to ever grace the court.  He looks like the Tim Duncan we first saw grace us when he first came to the team.

His energy is up, his passions has always been there, and what is more obvious, he has his legs back.  In prior seasons not only he, but his teammates, have looked drained.  Not this year.  He proved to the Clippers that he in fact is the franchise player.

Enough talking from me, just watch Greatness in the form of Tim Duncan as he crushes the Los Angeles Clippers hearts in the final seconds of Friday night’s game.