San Antonio Not Worried About A Number One Seed For Playoffs

By Michael Rehome

Feb 6, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; San Antonio Spurs gcenter Tiago Splitter (22) against the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Target Center. The Spurs defeated the Timberwolves 104-94. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The playoffs are drawing near and as we know, this is the time where Coach Popovich usually rests the big three in way of the playoffs.  If you are a Spurs fan than you know that this happens every single year.  Does it bug you?  Well for me, this is the reason why he is well respected in the league and many players want to play for Coach Pop.  He does not care about the seedings, whom they are projected to play whether they are number one, number two, number three, so on and so forth.  This team is built for a championship run and to all the players on the Spurs team, having the best record in the NBA through the season does not matter if they do not bring home their fifth title.

Tiago Splitter has voiced his opinion on whether he feels the Spurs would be upset if they did not receive the number one seed.  Credit goes to Project Spurs for the quote.

“Well, it’s always good to be a number one seed,” Splitter said after the loss to the Blazers. “We want to win every game. That’s our goal. The world’s not going to fall if we’re not number one. But, Pop (Gregg Popovich) wants to win every game even if he rests a couple of players.”

He is right, it is not the end of the world.  I heard on one of the talk shows here in the San Antonio area, Ticket 760, and they stated that it would not matter to this Spurs team if they had home court advantage.  When you are in the playoffs, you must win on the road.

Last year was pretty disheartening for us.  After the Spurs went on that streak of 20 consecutive ones, in the playoffs we looked sluggish.  So, if it is resting our players (Big 3) to get the rest we need to succeed in the playoffs, by all means.  That is why he is the Coach and I am behind a computer writing about it.

Little flashback for you, when the Spurs were a top seed in 1999, and 2003……..they captured two titles.