Stephen Jackson fined $25,000 for threatening Serge Ibaka

By Quixem Ramirez

The drama-stricken San Antonio Spurs are not done making headlines.

Stephen Jackson will be fined $25,000 for threatening Oklahoma City’s Serge Ibaka following an altercation with former teammate and current Los Angeles Laker Metta World Peace.

Jackson apologized via Instagram but the damage was already done. In a joint agreement, the NBA and the Spurs agreed to levy the fine.

I apologize to Serge Ibaka, the NBA, and to all my fans for the comments I made. It was unprofessional and childish. I’m not a thug just a man who speaks his mind. It was not appropriate. I do apologize. Only a man can admit when he’s wrong.

General manager R.C. Buford said Jackson’s actions were “absolutely unacceptable, cannot be tolerated and do not reflect the standards held by the San Antonio Spurs.”

The Spurs have uncharacteristically been in the middle of controversy — first came a hefty $250,000 fine, the fifth largest in league history, for resting four key players prior to a national televised meeting with the Miami Heat. The Spurs staved off another potential fine after a Halloween photo of Tim Duncan and Tony Parker pointing guns at a person dressed as official Joey Crawford surfaced on the internet.

Its early but the Spurs have nearly achieved Laker levels of controversy.