Spurs.com catches up with Jazz GM Dennis Lindsey

By Quixem Ramirez

As usual, the San Antonio Spurs front office was depleted by other franchises aspiring to replicate the Spurs’ success.

Assitant coaches Don Newman and Jacque Vaughn received new job opportunities with Washington and Orlando.

Among those notable departures was assistant general manager Dennis Lindsey, whose tenure with the organization lasted five seasons. Lindsey replaced general manager Kevin O’Connor after O’Connor was promoted to vice president of basketball operations.

Spurs.com caught up with Lindsey in a brief interview. Lindsey talked about his time working with the organization, his time spent in San Antonio (on and off the court) and his favorite Spurs memory.

Lindsey’s favorite memory — and as I was in attendance, definitely one of my own — was of Tim Duncan’s 3-pointer in Game 1 of the 2008 playoffs that sent the game to it’s first of two overtimes. The Spurs eventually pulled out the narrow two-point victory over the Phoenix Suns.

“Tim Duncan’s three-pointer against Phoenix in the 2007-08 playoffs. That was a great moment. Watching Manu do what he does is amazing. The funny moment that didn’t turn out so funny for Manu was the bat incident. Who can literally size up a bat and take it out of the air! Then he winds up getting a rabies shot. There are a lot of memories of camaraderie and team work. You feel like you’re really doing this with a close group of friends. There isn’t one that defines it because there was a lot of great memories.”