Video: Inside NBA 2K13’s Shoe Editor mode

By Quixem Ramirez

Basketball shoes are an omnipresent facet of the NBA — wear the right shoes and your marketability soars; wear the wrong shoe and you are as cool as Matt Bonner.

NBA 2K13’s enhanced Shoe Editor mode has taken this to another level. Unlike previous versions, shoes will no longer be indistinguishable from another. There are limitless amount of options at your disposal — the Shoe Editor really is the equivalent of Photoshop — as you can cultivate a shoe that best suits your personality, your player (and his respective playing style) and, ultimately, is aesthetically appealing.

The developers of NBA 2K13 have done an excellent job at mixing and matching texture, materials, structure, and shade to create a comprehensive shoe database that will satisfy any demographic.

Another perk of the shoe editor will be for those that excel in My Player mode; once you become a Nike marquee player, you can customize your own Nike shoe. Tinker Hatfield, Vice President of Special Projects and Creative Design for Nike, will guide you along the way. Plus, because of NBA 2K13’s partership with Nike, you can also purchase your own shoe creations — for yourself and not virtually — on

All in all, this is an interesting feature that will enhance the authenticity of a series that is already seamlessly replicating the NBA experience for fans around the world.

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