Video: Stephen Jackson doesn’t workout in offseason, says NBA rappers are “wack”

By Quixem Ramirez


If you were to describe Stephen Jackson with one adjective it would probably be candid. Or mercurial. Or loyal. Whatever. You get the point.

Jackson is an outspoken guy and that continued in his radio appearance with 105.1 FM The Breakfast Club in New York City.

He opened the 11:49 conversation by saying he does not touch a basketball during the offseason. Instead, he chooses to utilize his time rapping and being Stephen Jackson all the time. It must be nice to relax for four months a year — not many people enjoy this luxury — but it creates an interesting dichotomy between Jackson, who has touched a basketball once since the Western Conference Finals, and the notoriously meticulous Tim Duncan, of whom has likely spent his time enjoying his family, racing cars and improving his craft.

Apparently, Jackson doesn’t need much time to get into playing shape. Three weeks of training camp, he says, will suffice.

Jackson continued the interview by saying that all NBA rappers are “wack” before conceding that they are only slightly wack. (It should be noted that Marquis Daniels, Baron Davis, Kevin Durant, Iman Shumpert and Lou Williams appeared on his new album “Jack of All Trades” which will be released next month.)

He also explained his decision to break up with his fiance 10 minutes prior to the wedding, due to disagreements on the prenuptial agreement, and his relationship with the player formerly known as Ron Artest. He rapped, too. And Jackson also dismissed the truncated rapping careers of Shaquille O’Neal, who is apparently deficient in the swag department, Metta World Peace and Tony Parker. Jackson pulled no punches for his current teammate, saying that Parker’s rapping was terrible.

So, yeah, give it a watch. You will not be disappointed.

Hat-tip to Kurt Helin of Pro Basketball Talk.