NBA 2K13 demo to be released on September 25th

By Quixem Ramirez

If you are anything like me, you are craving basketball badly. It has been nearly two months since the Miami Heat defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Seriously. Two months.

While this won’t be as exciting as the debut of a new NBA season — the pronounced dichotomy between the elite teams and below-average teams should make for an interesting regular season dynamic — NBA 2K13 will be released on Oct. 2 in North America. To give insatiable NBA fans a taste, they will release a one-quarter demo on Sept. 25, and Sept. 26 in select international markets (via @Ronnie2K.)

The demo will feature the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder. The developers will host the first official 2K13 game today at 4 p.m. CST which you can catch live on twitch. If you are fortunate enough to have a Gold membership for XBOX live, you will have the opportunity to play quick one-quarter games online for a week after the demo is released.

It may be virtual basketball but it is basketball. And for that, we thank you.

Photo courtesy of ESPN