Tiago Splitter believes the Spurs can contend against Lakers, Thunder

By Quixem Ramirez

Nov 10, 2010; San Antonio, TX, USA; San Antonio Spurs forward Tiago Splitter (22) talks with San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan (21) during the first half at the AT

Tiago Splitter is currently in Sao Paulo Brazil to participate in the NBA 3X event that promotes basketball to an audience that isn’t typically influenced by the NBA game.

While in Brazil, Splitter gave an interview to the Brazilian station Radio Sport FM where he raved about Tim Duncan, who he views as the quintessential big man.

“The work he (Duncan) does every day and     with 30 years he has already (36), the     patience he has to play, the timing, the talent     he has …” Splitter said. “Of course that is not     taught, but everything else you can pinch a bit and learn, try to put this in your game.”

In the same interview, he compared Gregg Popovich to a conductor as he is expected to sustain success by creating a roster that can be cohesive and excel offensively. Perhaps because of Popovich, and the talent that still remains on the team, Splitter believes the Spurs can still contend with the Los Angeles Lakers and Oklahoma City Thunder this season.

    “We all know that the team on paper does not win the game,” Splitter said during the NBA 3X event in Sao     Paulo Brazil. “The Los Angeles Lakers rode a great team like the Oklahoma City Thunder, who kept their     key players. In my opinion, we (San Antonio Spurs) we are able to meet on equal footing these teams. We     know that we need to strive in training so we can be right in season. (Gregg) Popovich is assembling a     roster much like last year and it helps us. Yet, we know that the Spurs are never favorites …”

Hat-tip to Lucas Pastore of Spurs Brasil.