NBA 2K13 releases Manu Ginobili’s rating

By Quixem Ramirez

NBA 2K13 has been leaking ratings for this years game, set to release in North America on Oct. 2 and worldwide on Oct. 5, and Manu Ginobili checked in with a 86 rating.

Here are 3 more #NBA2K13 ratings: Eric Gordon – 85, Aaron Brooks – 77, Manu Ginobili – 86. Will reveal 3 more at 290K followers. Discuss!

— 2K Sports 2K13 (@2KSports) September 14, 2012

No complaints here. In fact, that number is slightly higher than Ginobili’s rating last year (85). The only thing I expect to change is Tony Parker’s rating which will likely be the highest on the Spurs, overtaking Ginobili. (Parker was behind Tim Duncan and Ginobili in NBA 2K12 with an 80 rating.) Duncan had another fine season and should be around the 84-87 range.

Since the Spurs rely heavily on role players — and said role players exceeded expectations by a significant amount — it will be a little interesting to see how the NBA 2K13 developers value Boris Diaw, Danny Green, Stephen Jackson, Kawhi Leonard and Tiago Splitter.

But, please. Can we get some real basketball soon?